Car Detailing Wollongong

Car Detailing Wollongong

We understand that your vehicle is more than just your ride. At Pro Detailing Wollongong we will treat your car with the utmost care, using only the highest quality car detailing products on the market. We are the trusted car detailing company in Wollongong, known for our premium car detailing services and professionalism from start to finish. Whether it’s a full detail, car waxing or mini-detail service that you need, we have got you covered. We have the experience and skill to wash all types of vehicles- be it motorhome cleaning, caravan washing or luxury car detailing. Our team of highly skilled automobile detailers will have your vehicle looking showroom worthy in no time.
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Mobile Car Washing

Save the hassle of driving to a car wash or doing it yourself we will come to you! At Pro Detailing Wollongong we have all the specialty mobile car washing equipment and supplies you need. Why risk damaging the exterior of your vehicle with poor quality products and incorrect techniques? This can lead to swirling, damaging the clear coat of your vehicle and exposing the paintwork beneath. Choose from any of our mobile car cleaning packages for quality workmanship you can trust.
Why not opt for a mobile car wash with full detailing, including a professional car waxing? We are not your ordinary car wash, but we certainly wash your car wherever you are in Wollongong, New South Wales! Just give us a call and we will come to you.

Seat and Upholstery Steam Cleaners

Taking care of your seating and upholstery will increase the longevity of your vehicle’s interior, while preserving it’s condition, extending the value of your car. We use specialized steam cleaning equipment to reach below the surface to completely remove any debris, dead skin cells and liquid stains that have set into your car seats and upholstery. Give your vehicle that new car smell, with freshly rejuvenated upholstery, while increasing comfort and improving the durability of your seats and upholstered interior surfaces.
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We use only the best steam cleaning tools that are not only highly effective, but also gentle on your vehicle’s interior. We guarantee that your vehicle’s interior will be safe in the hands of our highly skilled car detailers.
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Ceramic Coating and Waxing Wollongong

Our ceramic coating services are one of our most popular requests a ceramic coat will protect your vehicle from oxidation caused by UV rays contributing to rust and damage. Ceramic coatings also prevent paint from fading or peeling off while protecting your exterior from minor scratches- keeping your car in it’s best condition for years to come. Car waxing is another popular and affordable choice.
Ask us about our natural carnauba car wax for an extra sleek, dust and water resistant finish. Just give us a call today and our friendly team of experienced car detailers will answer all your queries, as well as provide you with an obligation free quote.

Quality Car Detailing Wollongong

As professional providers of car detailing services in Wollongong, NSW, our reputation for our reliable and expert vehicle detailing services speaks for itself. We have been providing Wollongong with quality vehicle detailing services for both private car owners and commercial vehicles for a long time. Whether it’s a luxury vehicle or a frequently used business va- your vehicle is safe in our hands.
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We are the experienced and trusted car detailers in Wollongong, you can rely on us for expert advice and professional service delivery. We will advise you on all your issues or concerns regarding your vehicle and provide solutions on how detailing can assist with any damages your car might have.


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Interior Car Detailing

At Pro Detailing Wollongong we will take care of your vehicle’s interior cabin, including car seat cleaning and upholstered surfaces. Our licensed detailers use only the highest quality car steam cleaners and air pressure tools so that you never have to worry about us damaging your vehicle. We also provide specialized leather treatment and engine cleaning. Call us to learn more about mobile interior car detailing services today.
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Cut and Polish Wollongong

Take advantage of our cut and polish services which will improve minor damages caused by dirt, scrapes and grease. A cut and polish will help with swirling repair, scratch repair and give new life to your car’s paintwork. We also offer a full exterior hand wash, ceramic coating and sticker removal. We use an orbital buffer machine which will give your vehicle that professional new car sparkle. 
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Auto Paint Detailing

At Pro Detailing Wollongong our auto paint detailing experts will treat your car’s paintwork with the latest methods and best practices in paint protection, paint correction and paint detailing. We will give your vehicle a wax finish, as well as apply ceramic coatings. Before any paint detailing begins your car is thoroughly washed to prevent debris damaging your car during the auto paint detailing process.
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Affordable Rates
As the car detailing company with the best quality and care in Wollongong, we also offer the most affordable rates for all our services. Our car detailers will assess your vehicle and advise you on your options. Be it a full detail car wash or a mini detail, we will provide solutions for your needs, while taking your budget into consideration. Thinking of doing it yourself? We will offer you competitive prices on our car detailing supplies. We stock the highest quality car waxes and sealants, polishes, brushes for your interior and exterior, as well as buffers and car detailing water hoses. Give us a call for a free quote today.
What are the benefits of getting my vehicle detailed?
Getting your car detailed will help restore your vehicle to it’s best possible condition. It will preserve your paintwork, improve durability of your interior upholstery and seats, as well as increase comfort. Detailing is more than keeping your car clean, we preserve and improve the value of your vehicle, using specialized tools and techniques, including cosmetic repairs.
What are the benefits of getting my vehicle detailed?
Getting your car detailed will help restore your vehicle to it’s best possible condition. It will preserve your paintwork, improve durability of your interior upholstery and seats, as well as increase comfort. Detailing is more than keeping your car clean, we preserve and improve the value of your vehicle, using specialized tools and techniques, including cosmetic repairs.
What does detailing my vehicle include?
We will clean all your interior and exterior components, taking care of your seats, as well as all your vehicle’s plastic, vinyl and leather elements. We also do a full exterior wash including tyre treatments, waxing, cutting and polishing, as well as steam engine cleaning. At Pro Detailing Wollongong we use specialized car detailing tools so that no damage occurs during the process. 
What types of damage to the exterior of my vehicle can detailing fix?
Not only does car detailing go a long way in preserving the original condition of your vehicle, but it also plays a part in restoring your vehicle. Getting a professional car detailing on your exterior will repair sun damage, prevent paint oxidation, get rid of swirls, repair your car’s clear coat, and repair damage caused by tree sap, insects and bird droppings. 
How long does a vehicle detail take to finish?
The amount of time a car detail takes to finish depends on the package you choose, and the types of car detailing services you require. This means it can be anything from a few hours for a mini detail, or longer for a cut and polish.Give us a call and our car detailing experts will assess your vehicle and advise you on an estimated time for completion so that you can plan ahead. 
Should I opt for paint sealer or a wax finish ?
This is a matter of personal preference. Paint sealer and car wax have the same intended purpose. Both products protect your car against external elements, as well as provide your car with that sleek new car shine. Car waxes such as natural Carnauba wax are a popular choice for its depth of shine, while paint sealers are popular because they last longer between car detailing appointments.
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Car detailing assists in preserving and restoring your car as close to its original condition as possible, whether for your personal pleasure or to improve the value of your vehicle pre-sale. At Pro Detailing Wollongong we pride ourselves in keeping our customers satisfied, we know that it’s all in the details. We will take care of everything from deep cleaning your mud flaps, tyres and wheels, to your exterior paint and chrome trim, as well as all non-mechanical aspects of your interior cabin. Give your car the proper care and maintenance it deserves, soon you too could be driving in style while enjoying your freshly detailed vehicle. Grab your phone and give us a call today!