Auto Paint Detailing

Paint Protection Wollongong

Auto paint detailing refers to the process of paint protection and paint protection. It is not merely the covering up of imperfections but involves the removal of contaminants that lay beneath the car’s clear coat. The process helps in the restoration of your paintwork while providing scratch repair and eliminating surface imperfections. End with a wax finish and/or a ceramic car finish for extra protection. Our trained auto paint detailers are highly experienced and will never cause harm to your vehicle. The amount of time it takes to complete depends on your vehicle’s condition- we will assess your vehicle and advise you on a recommended time for completion. We use only the best car detailing supplies on the market.

Our professional quality waxes, sealers and orbital buffer machine will remove all imperfections such as nicks and scratches as well as damage caused by exposure to the elements. If you are a car enthusiast then keeping your vehicle in prime condition will be one of your top priorities. We have been providing paint protection services in Wollongong for a long time, and will help your car achieve the mirror finish it deserves.

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Paint Correction

Auto paint correction refers to the removal of the clear coat so that the paintwork beneath can be corrected. Paint correction is not a luxury but an investment in the value of your vehicle. It is inevitable that your car will be exposed to dirt and debris, including gravel damage and imperfections caused by rain residue, wax build-up and improper washing techniques. Improper washing techniques can lead to paint swirls which changes the way your car refracts light, leading to dulling of your paintwork.

For smaller imperfections we will simply cut the clear coat, conduct wet sanding and buff the affected area. For larger more serious imperfections we will carefully apply a new coat of paint to the affected area, before polishing and buffing. We take care of every part of the exterior of your vehicle- no short cuts or sloppy work. Why not give your car it’s shine back today! Give us a dial and our friendly team of experienced car detailers will answer all your questions as well as provide you with a free quote.  

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Ceramic Coating

We all know the frustration- you’ve just left the car wash and it starts to rain, ruining your wash with water spots and dust. With a ceramic coating you will never have to worry about this again- our ceramic coatings will have your car looking beautiful all the time. How does it work? After the process of paint correction a layer of ceramic wax is applied to your vehicle, hardening to create a thick “shell” over your vehicle’s paintwork.

This lasts much longer than waxes and sealants. Ceramic coatings extend the lifespan of your paintwork by protecting it from UV rays, chemical stains and offers protection from unsightly water spotting. This ceramic coat also reduces the need for constant washing of your vehicle, while simultaneously making cleaning your vehicle a breeze. Sound interested? Call in today and ask about our dual layer ceramic coatings for even deeper protection and shine. The process is quite magical- you might not recognize your own vehicle! Give us a call at Pro Detailing Wollongong and book your appointment ahead of time today.