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Car Polishing

Be honest. Does your car’s exterior need some special attention? Do you regret that bumper sticker or decorative feature that won’t come off completely, leaving an unsightly hardened residue? Have you resigned yourself to the fact that your car will never be the same again? Don’t fear- at Pro Detailing Wollongong our advanced car polishing services will bring your vehicle’s exterior to pristine condition. As part of our car polishing services, we offer sticker removal, scratch removal as well as a gentle full exterior handwash, cut and polish, waxing and ceramic waxing. We will expertly dry your vehicle with fresh chamois to avoid further scratches and swirling, leaving your car looking bright and beautiful. Call our team of car detailers today and they will advise you on all our car polishing packages.

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Orbital Polishing car waxing machine

Cut and Polish

Our cut and polish services will give your car the smooth finish you’ve been yearning for. Cut and polishing services refers to the process of removing the thick clear coat that lies over your paintwork. This is done by an experienced technician who will use an orbital buffing machine to remove any grease, dirt, scratches and stains that cannot be removed by a basic car wash. Our car detailer will then apply a wax coat and polish your exterior to a glistening finish. We will also polish your alloy wheels and mudflaps as well as perform tyre treatments, so that your vehicle looks good from top to bottom.

We make use of a specialized polishing machine that is completely safe to use on your car’s exterior. Along with our cut and polishing service we also offer ceramic waxing, which adds another layer of protection, durability and shine to your vehicle. Whether you wish to use our polishing services to increase the value of your vehicle pre-sale, or are a vehicle enthusiast looking to preserve your car in it’s best condition, we can guarantee that you will drive away feeling as though as if you’re in a brand new vehicle.

car cleaning with orbital polisher
wax polishing red sport car

Ceramic Waxing

Ceramic waxing is a beautiful way to refresh your car’s paintwork without actually repainting it. It offers better protection than sealants and waxes, and lasts longer. Think of it as a thick shell around your car’s paintwork. The ceramic wax is applied as a liquid and hardens as it dries off creating a seal. Adding a ceramic wax layer to your car’s exterior will protect your vehicle from minor damages and external contaminants such as damage from the sun’s UV rays, water, excessive exposure to heat, insects and other pollutants.

Ceramic waxing is the ideal solution for clients who keep their vehicles in peak condition, regularly use their vehicle and require frequent and easy washing. Ceramic wax can be used on any type of vehicle, including vans, luxury cars and even boats. Ceramic coatings last longer than other paint protective treatments and will extend the lifespan of your car’s paintwork as well as maintain its shine. Call one of our friendly car detailers today to find out about our ceramic waxing options and what would work best for your vehicle.

ceramic polishing for car protection