Car cleanliness is essential for many reasons. Regular car washes are recommended. Here are 4 reasons for choosing professional car wash in Wollongong.

1. It helps with general maintenance

Checking your car’s exterior can be a great way to find loose parts, like license plates and frames, headlight and taillight lenses, mirrors, valve stem caps, hubcaps or antennas. While cleaning your wheels, it is a good idea to get down on the ground and look under the chassis to make sure there are no broken or loose cables. You don’t want to discover a worn or damaged brake fluid line while driving.

Take a look in the engine compartment while washing your car. Check for loose wires, broken cable ties (you don’t want wires hanging around the fan), loose connections on your battery and the air cleaner cover. Also, make sure that there isn’t any corrosion on the connections to the battery.

2. It preserves the exterior finish

Your car is made of metal. Metal is the majority of your car. However, plastics are used in places like bumpers, the linings for the wheel wells, and certain trim parts. It is well-known that metal can rust. The paint protects your car from the elements and prevents rusting. A clear coat protects the paint and gives it a shiny finish.

Be aware the next time you pass an old, beat-up car. The clear coat has been stripped off and the paint is now dull. It appears like a primer coat, not a final coat of paint. The new finish-coat paint will look a little shiny on its own, but not as much as when the clear coat has been applied. The finish will be dulled by dirt.

3. It increases the resale value

Along with routine maintenance, regular washing helps to maintain your car’s value. Imagine how much you can get for a car that has all its paint intact than for one with a crisp, bubbled exterior.

4. It just looks better!

The car looks better. Unfortunately, people judge others on the basis of their first impressions. The impression that you are getting out of your filthy car to go to the store may be that the person next you assumes that you have poor housekeeping and personal habits.

They may feel “creeped out” and will be cautious not to get near you for fear of getting fleas, cockroaches or other general-purpose parasites from their childhood.

What makes dirt stick to cars?

Dust and dirt can land on your car while you drive and even if you park outside. Why is it so difficult to get out?

Moisture “Glues” It On

There is always moisture in the air, even on a dry day. You won’t live in a desert unless there is moisture. It sticks to the dust on the finish and makes it sticky. You will see a dirtier film appear after a few days, or even a week depending on how dusty your environment is.

Particulate Matter Is Even Stickier Than “Regular” Dirt

Even though all of the natural dirt has been paved over in large cities, dust and dirt still blows around. Particulate matter from bus exhausts, construction debris, rubber dust, and so on could be the source.

These dirt types are stickier than regular dirt and can stick to themselves without moisture. You have a very dirty car. This dirt can cause damage to the car’s finish.

To sum up

You know your car better than anyone. Your car is only aware of what kind of treatment it needs. You can also take your car to professional detailing centers to have it customized according to your requirements.