Do not trust amateurs with your car’s detailing. The consequences of entrusting someone without the proper training and expertise can be disastrous. Your car may not be as neat and tidy as you expected it to be after a new vehicle detailing job. However, your safety and that of your passengers could be at risk. An inexperienced “auto-detailer” may accidentally scratch or damage your car, or even disconnect necessary inner wirings.

What makes it so important to detail your car

Detailing your car protects various surfaces of the vehicle’s exterior as well as interior, such as carpet, seat, and paint.

After removing dirt, a protectant is applied to prevent damage from leaves, road tar, birds, bugs, and scratches. If dirt is not removed, it can cause permanent damage to the car’s paint. Rust may form and the wheels can become weaker.

Why not take it upon yourself?

You may believe that it is possible to save money by doing your own car detailing. You might be convinced by a friend or neighbour that they can do the same job. Here are some reasons why you should not choose this route.

  • The Right Tools

A car detailer who is fully invested in the business will have the right equipment and tools to do the job.

  • Unrushed Jobs

Due to the amount of work involved, friends or you might be prone to rush the process, which could lead to a lack of quality.

  • A Trusted Service

It is easy to relax when you hire a professional car detailing company. They have a solid reputation and are trustworthy.

How to be a professional Car Detailer

This vital task can’t be performed by anyone. Professional car detailing experts are:

  • Training

They have spent time learning the best way to manage details. They may also have completed training courses about particular techniques.

  • Experience

A technician who is qualified should have at most five years’ experience. Ten years is the minimum requirement to become certified.

  • Knowledge

To obtain a certificate of recognition from the IDA International Detailing Association, a professional must pass ten written examinations and a hands-on assessment. These assessments are used to verify their knowledge and proficiency.

Professionals are necessary

A Car Detailer will not only make your car look new, but they also ensure it lasts longer and is protected against dust damage. These professionals must also know how to properly treat your car without using harsh chemicals and scratching too deep. The ability to find the right balance requires a combination of knowledge, training and experience that professionals don’t have. They also lack the trustworthiness of a business that offers insurance and has the tools they need to run their businesses. It is essential that car detailing be performed by an experienced professional.